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My puppies look like this puppy !

Gold 'N' Point came about because of my love for dogs. I was around 50 when someone reminded me of when I was a young girl, two at the time, and I was in the doghouse with my mixed breed. We were eating lunch together, I would take a bite of sandwich, then give Brownie a bite. After I went home that night, I realized that that person actually "defined" me. I had felt guilty all my life for preferring to be with DOGS !! Now I am no longer ashamed to admit that dogs are my LIFE !! Golden Retreivers have been my love for over 30 years now. Then about 15 years ago I realized I had a knack for putting a nice image on wood with a woodburner. I realized after that that I could ALSO do images on paper with charcoal and pencil and even WOODBURN an image on paper. I have never stopped doing it since. I hope you enjoy looking as much as I enjoy DOING. Thanks for the visit !! Vonnie Peterson

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Vonnie Peterson
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