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Gold'N'Point Lil' Bit of Ryzzzin
Sire: Gold'N'Point Skyefire Ryzzin CD TD SH WCX 
Dam: Gold'N'Point Mistymeadow Smokin' Gunn
Whelped: September 20, 2013

Itty Bitty


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Itty's best achievement is that she LIVED. !! She was born out of a litter of FIFTEEN puppies ! Only 10 survived and she was only 1/4 the size of her siblings. I had to tube feed her for weeks. We would peek in to see if she was still alive the first 4 weeks. I had another litter when she was 4 wKs old. Before the mother could tell-- I added Itty Bitty to that litter of 7. Itty was the same size as the newborns and she was 4 weeks older ! Well from that day on she THRIVED !!! She has since then WORMED her way into the inner chambers of my heart. I sure do love her a LOT !!

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Gold'N'Point Skyefire Ryzzin CD TD SH WCX     




Gold'N'Point Mistymeadow Smokin' Gunn

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